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The best Coffee Shops in Zaragoza

A long time ago, finding a different and modern Coffee-Shop was very difficult in Zaragoza, now there are a few Coffee-Shops, a little groundbreaking where having a piece of cake in an original environment. They have a well kept interior design with different gastronomic proposals.

It is very easy to identify these modern Coffee-Shops: they have Instagram, vintage furniture of all styles and procedures, they serve cake and are usually crowded with sweet tooth and lovers of different spaces. You can also take a walk tour of the city and find them easily. I am going to list my 7 recommendations for you to visit them.

1. Doña Hipólita, old business

Doña Hipólita also keeps pieces of decoration from Zaragoza businesses that have already disappeared. In the historical center of the city, specifically in the Plaza San Felipe, Doña Hipólita is one of the most tasty cafes in the city. We are talking about a coffee shop that used to be an emblematic fabric store – Paños Sesma – since 1822 for more than a year. Her characteristic wrought iron columns, the wooden floor, the robust brick wall, the lamps, the windows and the huge cabinets underwent an arduous restoration process to look like yesteryear and are, together with the old safe, original elements of the premises.

All this nostalgic air is completed with a selected vintage decoration, among which antiquarian pieces from emblematic shops in the city have disappeared, such as some seats from the Mola cinema, a table from the Averly foundation or a counter that was over a hundred years old.

From 9:00 to 00:00 Doña Hipólita serves from teas, coffees, sandwiches or cocktails to delicious cakes that are already famous in the city. There are Black Beer, Carrots, Cheesecakes, Red Velvet and even Donuts!

Calle Gil Berges, 4
876 28 38 48

2. La Bendita, a place to get lost

La Bendita is located in the middle of the Coso, and it always looks crowded and full of life.

Mirrors of different designs and colors, lamps of unimaginable shapes, chairs and tables of varied style and origin… La Bendita is one of those places that invites you to get lost for hours chatting, reading or watching all the objects that make up its eclectic decoration. They are as varied as the people who meet there from breakfast until night. Its cozy atmosphere, good coffee and delicious pastries, which include huge cakes, have become a reference meeting point for Saragossa society.

As a curiosity, this coffee-shop can boast of having been a cinema stage, since the Aragon’s film Our Lovers, starring Eduardo Noriega and Michelle Jenner, placed many of its scenes here. Without a doubt, this is one of the most original coffee-shops in Zaragoza

Calle Coso, 66
976 22 00 76

3. Café Nolasco, European air

In the Café Nolasco, cakes in the morning and cocktails at night.

In the Plaza de San Pedro Nolasco is the Café that bears his name, a pleasant place whose large windows have an air of European cafes. Its luminosity and modern decoration make it very pleasant at any time of the day. In fact, one of its strengths is its versatility since, in addition to serving fluffy cakes, it is also a café, restaurant, cocktail bar and occasionally, a store. The counter where cakes and other pastries rest during the day, get transformed into a deejay table every weekend when night falls.

As unmistakable elements are the classic chester sofas and a huge vertical garden at the entrance, where you can enjoy reading international magazines and headlines.

Calle San Jorge 18


4. La Clandestina, stepping strong

Don’t miss the Sunday brunch at La Clandestina.

Just a few steps from Café Nolasco, on the corner with Calle San Andrés, we find La Clandestina, a bistro that, despite being relatively new, has opened the way among the most requested in the city and is already one of the most original cafes in Zaragoza. With a youthful atmosphere and with a vintage and industrial style decoration, it is easy to identify it, above all, by the huge mural of red lips that monopolizes the prominence of the entire space. Delicious cakes and biscuits are served at this establishment; and it is a plus that has been used for its production of local products, such as the Barbastro jam.

Confectionery is not the only thing that stands out in La Clandestina, the tapas they serve accompanied by a good wine and its innovative Sunday brunches with fruit juices, are good excuses to stop in this fashionable place.

Calle San Andrés, 9
876 28 11 65

5. Café Botánico, a hidden garden

El Botánico is in the mythical passage of the Cyclone, near to the Basilica del Pilar. Pioneer in this of the original and charming cafes in Zaragoza, El Botánico is a must stop for sweet lovers: they have fresh cakes – pear and chocolate is delicious – and, of course, the dessert can be accompany with an extensive menu of teas and coffee delicacies. Everything in an idyllic setting, since its decoration, inspired by the Parisian café intellectuals, is full of plants and flowers.

Eventually, you can enjoy live music or cultural activities.

Calle Santiago, 5
976 29 60 48

6. Marianela, vermouth and books

A very interesting option is Marianela, who has this intellectual touch that makes it a peaceful place for reading. Although it is true that the vermouths they organize are like those of a lifetime and that all coffee vibrates when concerts or cultural gatherings are held. There are regulars at this establishment located on Manifestación street, which as a member of this list offers, of course, homemade cakes and house reporters.

Coffees and teas are a mandatory accompaniment to dessert, although at night you should not miss the mojitos or the pina colada they prepare. They also organize some concerts and cultural evenings.

Calle Manifestación, 23
670 32 23 98

7. Koalalumpur, university atmosphere

We end this route of original cafes in Zaragoza. Bold and youthful, the Koalalumpur, in the heart of the university city -Pedro Cerbuna street- , lives up to its location and has students coming and going from classes as its audience. It is inexpensive and triumphs for its peculiar decoration with highly colorful elements inspired by the most exotic animal fauna: a huge giraffe with its entire body painted presides over the entrance of the establishment.

In addition, it is the center of operations for Erasmus students and organizes a lot of activities, such as tandems in English, aimed at the entire student body. For some time, they have served delicious slices of cakes that include coffee for 3.50.

Calle Pedro Cerbuna, 3
976 02 61 36


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